Reasons Local delivery service by Fast CometTo Use A Local Delivery Service

There are many challenges to living on an island.  In fact, shipping freight and household goods is one of our  most common challenges.  Selecting a reliable local delivery service is extremely important.  Fast Comet Delivery has been in business for the past 20 years, and has built a reputation for excellent customer service.

Moving your household furnishings to Maui:

Moving to Maui can present many logistical challenges.  First and most important, is to consider how you will be moving your possessions.  Then you should carefully consider what you want to move, and what you can acquire on-island.  Lastly remember ocean freight costs are calculated by cubic square foot and weight.

  • Planning your move:

Most people planning to move their household items will usually need to use a container.  Begin the process by locating a shipping company in your area.  In addition, you should use someone familiar with shipping freight to assist in loading the container to ensure that your freight arrives safely.  And finally you should allow about two weeks for the arrival of your container to Maui.

  • Coordinating your installation:

Soon after your container has shipped, you should select a reliable local delivery service.  Equally important is to select a company that offers White Glove Service.  Fast Comet’s reputation for quality customer service, is a hallmark of our business.  Fast Comet Delivery works with many interior designers and clients who live off-island, often they are unable to be present at the time of installation.  Finally, they definitely appreciate our ability read their instructions and do the installation per their designs.

  • Moving smaller shipments:

There may be times you need to ship items that are not in full containers.  These kinds of shipments are usually handled locally by shipping companies like BB Trucking and Xpress Trucking.  Lastly, this is where a local company like Fast Comet Delivery comes in handy.  By consigning your shipment to Fast Comet Delivery.  We are able to pick up the shipment, deliver and do any installation needed.  Additionally, this can be a great savings to the customer, as one company is handling the delivery and setup.

Additional information:

Because we are a locally owned delivery service, Fast Comet is familiar with the ins and outs of doing business on an island.

What’s more, Fast Comet has built great relationships with the local shipping companies.

And finally, we work with many of Maui’s interior designers, construction companies and hotels, in completing the installations of their projects.