Moving Your Household Goods To and From Maui

Moving your household goods to Maui or from Maui back to the mainland.  You will be using a container.  Packing the container is an artform.  Use a service that has experience in this area.  And finally, Fast Comet is that company.

Planning and Organizing

Deciding what to pack is first and foremost in the organizing process.  Next, what size container will you need?  Containers are either 20′ or 40′.  Pricing is based on the total cubic square foot of the container no matter how much of the container you use.  Goods shipped individually are referred to as Less Than a Container Load (LTL).  LTL pricing is based on the amount of cubic square feet you actually use,  and is generally more expensive.

Shipping Less Than a Container Load

If you decide to ship LTL.  Here are some important factors to consider.

First, you will need to crate your goods.  On Maui there are a number of people who specialize in building crates.  Your delivery company can make recommendations.  A second option, is to rent a pod  container.  These containers allow you to pack your goods without the expense of a crate.

When your crate is ready. You will need to either pack it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.  A local delivery company has the knowledge to pack the crate properly and deliver it to the dock.  Finally, you need to make arrangements with the shipping company to have your crate transported to the mainland, and then to your finale destination.  The process is basically the same if you are moving to or from Maui.

Shipping a Container

After deciding what you want to ship.  You need to get an estimate of the amount of cubic square feet you will be using.  Now you can determine the best size container for your needs.  Containers are usually 20′ x 8′ x 10 or 40′ x 8′ x 10.

Packing your container depends on a number of things.  Are you planning to send your car in the container?  Next, will you need to have individual crates built to pack fragile items or artwork?  And finally, using standardized boxes will allow you to load more efficiently.  Try to have as few loose things as possible.

If you do not use the entire container.  Make sure the area you have used is securely tied off.  Building a wall of cardboard or wood and securing with rope is a common practice.

Example of Loading a Container

Fast Comet Delivery built and loaded the container below.  This was done for a client moving to the mainland.   The load consisted of furniture from a one-bedroom ohana and a car.  We built a frame inside the container, to accommodate the furniture and be able to load a car.  After loading, plywood was used to enclose the space and prevent any shifting.  The car was loaded, secured and the container closed, ready for shipping.



The process of shipping to and from Maui can be complicated.  Professionals with experience can make your move much easier.