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Make your pets moving experience fun.

Moving day for your pet can be a very stressful event. It is important you make your pets moving experience an enjoyable one. As experts in moving and delivery services, we have some helpful tips for how you can make this a pleasant transition for your pets.

1. Keep Your Pets Favorite Toys Handy

First, pack a box with your pets favorite toys, blankets, food and food bowls.  Next be sure the box is in a location that is quickly accessible.  Familiar sights and smells will help your pet to adjust to their new environment easier.

2. Let Your Vet Know You’re Moving

Get in touch with your vet let them know you are planning a move.  Your pets medical records should be available in case anything happens during the move.  Make sure you have any pet medications packed in your pet box.

3. Consider Hiring a Pet Sitter

With all the commotion surrounding moving day you should consider hiring a pet sitter.  This can be a family member with whom the pet is familiar or a professional pet sitter.  Having your pet safely out of the way will make things easier for everyone involved in the move.

4. Introduce Your Pets to Their New Home After Unpacking

You should plan to introduce your pets to their new home after most of the unpacking has been completed.  This will give you time to get their new home ready.  Set up their sleeping area in a quiet uncluttered part of the house.  They will be much calmer if they are not surrounded by boxes and packing materials.  Stay with them while they explore their new environment.

5. Explore the Outdoors with Your Pet on a Leash

When you first take them outside to check things be sure to have your pets on a leash.  They will feel more secure and you will not have to worry about them running away.  Let your pet adjust to their new surrounding on their terms.  Depending on the personality of your pet it may take them sometime to adjust.

Paying attention to your pets needs during moving day will make it a fun experience for all.  Hope these tips are helpful.

From all of us at Fast Comet Delivery, Inc.


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