Furniture Setup and Installation for Your New Home

Furniture setup and installation is one of the most important parts of moving.  In order to make the move easier, you may need to disassemble some of your furniture.  You may have also purchased new furniture for your home.  Many times new furniture such as dining chairs, desks, and dining tables will need to be assembled.  By hiring a white glove service, you will have people experienced not only in moving, but with the ability to quickly assemble your new furniture.

Living Room and Dining Room Installation

The living room is generally the main focus of your house.  This is where you entertain, watch TV, play games, etc.  Your living room should be comfortable and usable.

Sofas and side chairs are usually the anchor of the room.  A new sofa and chairs will probably involve some assembly.  Sofas and chairs are usually shipped in large boxes.  Sofas may require you to attach legs.  Side chairs, can come completely assembled.  But often will need to have arms and legs attached.  New coffee tables and side tables may also require some assembly.

New dining room furniture is another area that usually requires assembly.  Dining chairs can be especially difficult to assemble.  Dining tables though not difficult to assemble, can be large and will require a couple of people to get the table into place.

Having a delivery service handle the installation of you new living and dining room can be a great time saver.  They are able to assemble your furniture and place it in the proper locations.  They can usually fix any minor damage that might have occurred during shipping.  Another great reason to use a white glove delivery service is clean up.  A lot of trash is created when dealing with new furniture.  Your delivery service will handle the disposal of all boxes and packing material.

Your Lanai Furniture

In Hawaii, outdoor living is pretty much year round.  Our lanai’s are a central location for entertaining and relaxing.

As with your living room most new lanai furniture will require some assembly before installation.  Lanai furniture typically arrives in boxes with a considerable about of packing.  Due to the amount of packing material.  Disposal can be difficult.  Your white glove delivery services will clean up the area and dispose of the material.

In the Kitchen

Most people enjoy setting up the kitchen on their own.  The kitchen space is much more personal than the rest of the house.  You can have your delivery service bring your kitchen supplies in and unpack the boxes so all you have to do is put things the way you want.  Finally, don’t to worry about cleaning up the packing material, they will do that.

Setup and Installation of Your Home Office

Your home office can be one of the most difficult areas to get set up.  New desks typically ship in multiple pieces that will need to be assembled on site.  The same can be said about other office furniture such as file cabinets, bookshelves and desk chairs.

A white glove delivery service has experience in assembling home office furniture.  Their experience will save you time and anxiety in getting your new office up and running.

Installation of Your Bedroom Furniture

Whether you use your existing bedroom furniture or purchase new furniture, there will be some assembly required.  Your bed will need to be disassembled in its old location and reassembled in your new home.  New nightstands and chest of drawers will probably need some assembly.   Depending on what you purchase.  You may only need to add legs, but you may also have to assemble the entire cabinet. You should also consider how you will transport your mattress and box springs.  Bedroom furniture can be heavy, bulky and difficult to move.  Professional movers are skilled at moving larger items.

Installation of Artwork and Accessories

Hanging artwork and adding your accessories is the final stage of moving into your new home.  White Glove Delivery Services have experience in hanging artwork.  They have the tools and supplies to do the job properly.  They can also help you unpack and place your accessory pieces.

The process of moving usually can be done in a day or two depending on the amount of furniture, distance traveled between locations, accessibility to your rooms, and how much additional help you may need.  Make arrangements with a delivery service well in advance of your move.  Call early to get a quote.  The moving company will probably want to do an onsite inspection of your needs before giving you a quote.

In order to make you move a great experience,  PLAN AHEAD