Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Clients frequently asked questions, can be wide ranging depending upon their moving and delivery needs.

Most frequently asked question,  “what services do you provide?”

What services do you provide is our most asked question.  Our answers help the client make a decision about using Fast Comet Delivery. This may be a simple delivery of a TV or mattress to a residence. Or they may need to have an entire home moved to a new residence or into storage.  We often receive calls regarding shipping household goods to or from the mainland.

Listening to the client.

When we receive a call from a potential client.  The most important thing for us, is to listen and understand the clients needs.  A call usually starts with their initial questions regarding our services.  At that point we try to establish exactly what the client is looking for. Understanding our clients is crucial to properly answering their questions.  After gathering as much information as we can from the client.  We can better assess their needs and make sure if what we can offer is appropriate or we can make recommendations to a different delivery service.

Our services.

Fast Comet Delivery has a number of services we can provide, from simple moves to very complicated installations.  What we are most noted for is our White Glove Delivery service.